Türkiye Fulbright Derneği

From the Fulbright Alumni Association of Turkey (Türkiye Fulbright Derneği)

The regular annual General Assembly of Members of the Association convened on November 22, 2023 to elect the new officers of the Association. The ballots named the members of the Governing Board who then elected their own officers as follows:

Yusuf Kağan Kadıoğlu                 (President)
Fetih Yıldırım                                   (Vice President)
Nurdan Kalaycı                              (Treasurer)
Recep Boztemur                            (Member)
Şinasi Ellialtıoğlu                          (Member)
Müge Akın                                        (Chair, Audits Committee)

The Fulbright Alumni Association of Turkey was created in 1992 with the aim of fostering the professional links to serve the ideals of Senator Fulbright among earlier Turkish recipients of any award type described within the Fulbright Program in Turkey from its inception in 1950, and former US grant holders who have visited Turkey in any capacity. The Charter (in Turkish) of the Association is available at www.turkiyefulbrightdernegi.org.tr where a membership form for prospective applicants is also on display. We ask current members of the Association also to fill out the form if their membership details (phone numbers, addresses, email coordinates and the like) have changed so that we may keep our records up to date. That information can of course also be sent in per email to our email address: [email protected]. This will ensure a convenient means of communicating with all individuals who are members of the wider Fulbright Family.

The Association is especially keen to increase its membership by including in its ranks recently returned grant holders so that a greater part of the Association’s duties can be assumed by younger and/or more recent members from all regions of the country. We will strive to keep members abreast of news from the association on our website, and inform all those who are interested in future activities. Remember that any NGO is as strong as the collective civic spirit of the individuals it counts as its members. We need and invite the active support of all those who wish to join our ranks so that the Association can sustain its constructive contribution to peace, stability and sustainability that the world needs.

Governing Board