Türkiye Fulbright Derneği


Based in Ankara, the Turkish Fulbright Association aims to bring together the Turkish “Fulbrighters” and to improve the academic, cultural and ongoing friendship between the United States and Turkey. The aims of the association include:

  • Providing support for those that are coming to Turkey with a Fulbright scholarship; showing them hospitality, and listening to their concerns; in addition, helping these scholars so that upon their return to the U.S.A. they will have gained positive and lasting impressions of life in Turkey.
  • Organizing national and international conferences, meetings, seminars, exhibitions, concerts, etc.; benefiting from the works of Fulbright scholars within Turkey and abroad and inviting the members of the Fulbright commission to carry out their research.
  • Supporting and improving the Fulbright Academician and Student Exchange programs, the scholarship program and the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) based in Washington D.C. and the Fulbright associations in other countries.
  • Preparing and providing booklets and forms to Fulbright applicants; providing updated information in various subjects; developing a dynamic program that continues to associate with the Fulbright Commission of Ankara.
  • Keeping contact and maintaining relationships with institutions and universities where Fulbright scholars work or study.
  • Providing news of the association’s activities to the alumni and to the public by way of regular bulletins.
  • Arranging exchange programs for Fulbright scholars as well as their children and families.
  • Preparing regular bulletins about the activities of scholarship holders and alumni.
  • This association is not engaged politically, has no affiliations with any political party and does not accept political contributions.