Türkiye Fulbright Derneği

Past Activities


  • In appreciation of the achievements of the Fulbright Program and in honor of its initiator, the late Senator Mr. William Fulbright, a meeting was organized on “The Spirit of the Fulbright Program and its Impact in Turkey”.
    May 25th, 1995; 100.YIL Conference Hall of Ankara University at Tandogan.
    Hosted an audience of about 100 attendants with three major speakers, including the Cultural Attaché to the Embassy and the Executive Secretary of the Fulbright Commission in Ankara. This was followed by a cocktail party.
  • “Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Fulbright Program”, a meeting focusing on “The Fulbright Program: Achievements of half-a-century”.
    Friday, October 18, 1996; 100.YIL Conference Hall, University of Ankara.
    Speakers included, Marc Grosmann (Ambassador of the USA), Prof. Arif Caglar and Prof. Meral Aksu. This was followed by a panel discussion on ‘Fulbright Program and its Contribution to Turkey’, moderated by Prof. Namik K. Aras and contributing panelists: Prof. Kemal Guruz (President, Higher Education Council), Prof. Dr. Ustun Erguder (President, Bogasici University), Prof. Dr. William Jones (Cultural Attaché, US Embassy), Ismail Kafescioglu (Country Manager, Chevron Int. Ltd. Turkey).
  • A Fulbright Alumni Association Award was established for the “Best US Grantee Contribution to Introducing Turkey to the American Society”. The first award was presented to Prof. Stanford Shaw of UCLA in recognition of his enlightening work on Ottoman and Turkish history.
  • Seminar: Prof. Feroz Ahmad, University of Massachusetts, Boston, “The Perils of Reading History Backwards: E.J. Zurchers’s Turkey, A Modern History”.
    March 16th, 1998, 2:00pm, METU Cultural and Convention Center.
  • A survey was initiated to investigate the impact of the Fulbright Program in Turkey from the social, academic and professional perspectives. Data collected and evaluated by a group of researchers revealed valuable information about the profile of the Turkish Fulbright grantees, the activities they were engaged in during the scholarship and the long-term effects of their experience upon their return.
  • Two “Best Dissertation” awards were announced in the fields of (i) science and engineering and (ii) social sciences. Nominations were collected from the PhD dissertations completed in Turkish universities in 1998 and 1999 fulfilling the following requirements:
  • Contributing to scientific knowledge on a worldwide scale and to the development of science in Turkey
    Providing scientific solutions to the problems encountered and for the social, technological and economic development of Turkey
    Innovative work to create new methods, technologies of ideas
  • The applications were closed at the end of August and the submitted PhD dissertations were examined by a Selection Committee comprised of eminent sciences from related disciplines. For more information, please go to Thesis Awards.
  • A special program, in cooperation with the Fulbright Commission and the US Embassy in Ankara, had planned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the start of the Fulbright Program in Turkey.
  • The speaker, Prof. Heath Lowry, is currently a Fulbright exchange professor at Bilkent University. Before becoming Atatürk Professor of Ottoman and Modern Turkish Studies at Princeton University, he was director of the Institute of Turkish Studies in Washington DC, and before that, Istanbul Director of the American Research Institute in Turkey. His publications include three books on Ottoman history and contributed chapters on contemporary Turkey with particular reference to Turkish politics and democracy in three other books.


  • The gala evening, organized once a year, is now becoming an eagerly anticipated tradition. Social gatherings often include classical music concerts performed by Fulbright Alumni. Almost each academic event is followed by a reception. Occasional trips for sightseeing and exploration of historical places of interest as well as dinners are also organized.
  • Regular events include concerts by American Fulbrighters, lectures by members and guests, conferences, happy hours and dinners. The Alumni celebrate Thanksgiving together with American Fulbrighters, bike in Versailles and occasionally meet for informal theater and museum visits.
  • Informal dinner at YAKAMOZ FISH RESTAURANT on October 8th, 1999 with 25 participants, including incoming scholars.
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet and his Byzantine Viziers.
    Bilkent University
    Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture FF-B22
    Date: Wednesday, April 4, 2001
    Time: 5:30 pm.
    A reception was given.